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Hello Everyone, 2005 began as I was still getting acclimated to living in Oregon again. It didn't take me long to get "situated" back into my old life. Back with McDonald's, I also started bowling again, which I was really looking forward to.

I started Country Dancing again, I found a nice dance hall up in Tualatin, which is also close to where my twin brother Bruce lives. Since Bruce is also now into country music and has learned to dance pretty well, we began meeting up on some Saturday nights for some hoe-down good dancing. Here is one picture from one of our Bushwacker's evenings. Bruce's date is his friend RobnLyn from school and my date is my high school friend, Renee.

Several months went by when I decided to take a trip to Florida to see my Dad and stepmother and visit with some of my friends from the Marriott Village Hotel that I used to work for. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any golf in, but I was able to make a Detroit Tigers Spring Training Game with Dad & Marge. Oh, by the way, the Tigers lost to the Yankees. Bubba Crosby hit an inside-the-park grand slam for the Yankees to beat the Tigers (of all things). Inside-the-park HR are rare, Grand Slams are rare, but inside-the-park-grand-slams only happen about every 25 years or so, so leave it to ME to go to THAT game Lakeland Tigers Game.

I also was able to attend a very special church recital at the local methodist church, where Dad & Marge are both members of the choir. Not only did I enjoy a beautiful Sunday service, the "bell choir" was getting ready to travel to Europe and put on a special "concert" on the one Sunday I was in town. A very moving performance, I really enjoy watching, listening to the bell choir as well as the regular choir during Sunday services. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any pictures of the bell choir because I was sitting very very close to them.

It was then time to leave Florida. I took the opportunity to arrange my flight back to Oregon through Miami, so I could visit with my friend Jalane. Jalane was one of my professors at Kent State and has become very special to me. I admire her courage to live in South Florida during hurricane after hurricane. So it was nice to visit with her for a couple hours at the airport.

Next up in 2005, was my "return" to playing softball with McDonald's Men's City League. I began playing in the Spring, played the whole season until June, when summer League began. Played the entire Summer League which is when I started hitting a LOT better, so I couldn't wait for "Fall Ball" to begin. Fall Ball began in August but ended tragically early for me in the 4th week as I dislocated my left shoulder and broke a bone on September 20th. I was trying to score from 1st base by diving head first into home. After they removed me from home plate with a spatula and some "digging" implements, it was off to emergency room. Needless to say, I was sure to be asleep when they realigned my shoulder. No way was I going to be awake for that. So, as of this writing, I am seeing Physical Therapist 2-3 times per week for the next 6 months. I hope to be ready to golf in late April or early May.

Going back to June, and one of the reasons I moved out here from Florida in the first place. I wanted to be here to attend my twin nephews' graduation from high school. Michael & Kenneth were very successful at South Albany High School, both in academics as well as Football. Here are some photos of them in football uniform(s) as well as graduation pictures.

So next came the MAJOR event of the year. The event that I'd been helping to plan for the last year--My 25 year High School Reunion celebration. As most of you know, I graduated from Corvallis High School here in Corvallis, Oregon in June, 1980. Corvallis High School is a school full of a long, long history of success. My mother also attended Corvallis High (Class of 54) as well as my Grandmother (Class of 29). So, ironic as can be, they have decided this to be the last year of the building we know as Corvallis High School. A NEW Corvallis High School has been under construction for 1 year and plans to open in time for Fall of 2005.

So, as I helped make plans for our reunion, I considered it very important that we are able to tour the old school (as they tear it down!) as well as the new school as part of our festivities.
Our reunion started out on Friday night (as is our "standard" opening) at Murphy's Tavern in South Corvallis for drinks and merriment. It was a small crowd but a lot of people showed up that we didn't expect and a good time was had by all.
The next day was a FULL day of activities. First we had a tour of the new school at 1145am. About 20 of us showed up for an interesting walk-through of the school. Considering it was Mid-July and the school was still scheduled to open in just 8 weeks, there was clearly a LOT still to get done.
Then we were off to Avery Park for an afternoon potluck. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and, again, lots of surprise alumni showed for this event as well, and the food was absolutely fabulous. Special thanks to classmate Mark Anderson for letting all of us drive his HUMMER!
Finally, our big event of the weekend was a nice dinner along with dancing and live band entertainment at the Elks in Corvallis. One of our classmates, D. Scot Smith played with his band, the U.S. Underground for us. We also had Rick Wallace as a guest speaker, and as usual, Rick was the epitome of class and humor. We couldn't have asked for a better speaker. The food was delicious as prepared by Lea, our caterer. We also had a wonderful cake, hand decorated by myself (with some help from my Mom!) early in the afternoon.
Many of us continued the evening's festivities deep into the night by going to downtown Corvallis and "closing" Peacock Tavern. They had a wonderful band playing and we played pool and danced the night away until 2am, Susie, Nancy, Mark, Linda, Renee and myself had a great time. Then the night was still not over! It was off to Shari's for breakfast until 330am. All of us were so happy to "relive" our high school days of staying up all night, I think that kept us going and going and going. Thanks again Mark for the wonderful breakfast!

Until we speak soon, I wish you and yours the most happiness and love this holiday season and please keep in touch. But to everyone, all the best and please write soon!