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Hello Everyone,

Here we are at the end of a very pleasant 2013!

I celebrated the end of 2012 with an awards ceremony at my hotel ATLPE. I received my 15 year plaque, my buddy James got his 5 year plaque for Marriott service. Here are some photos from the Awards Ceremony.

I ended 2012 by taking another visit to Florida to spend Christmas with my Dad and Stepmom in Lakeland, Florida. This time however, was special because I knew my twin brother and his wife Lori were going to be there and I kept it a secret that I would be there so they would be surprised when I showed up. Turns out, however that the surprise was short-lived because I've made that drive so many times, I got there LONG before they did. But, here are some photos from that Christmas trip, it was a lot of fun, good days at Church, GREAT FOOD (as always!!!)

Then, the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary on 12/14/12 brought a somber end to 2012. Here are some nice tributes to the Tragedy at Sandy Hook, taken right from Facebook.

I was very excited that my alma-mater Kent State made their first bowl appearance in 40 years (they were in the Tangerine Bowl in 1972 (LOST) when they had Jack Lambert on their team! This newest bowl game on 1/6/13 is the Bowl, and was played the day before the National Championship game on 1/7/13.
Here are some photos/memories of that Bowl game.

My brother Jack came to Atlanta for the NCAA Final Four Basketball tournament in early April which was held at the Georgia Dome. Of course, Michigan was in the Final Four, even made it to the final game but sadly LOST!. Here are some photos from Jack's visit to Atlanta

The World was hit with more tragic violence on 4/15/13 when someone set off explosive devices at/near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Here are some Facebook photo tributes to the city of Boston from 4/15/13.

My 1st BIG Vacation for 2013 was back to Oregon once again for 10 days of sunshine and outdoor fun. Got to hang out with my BFFF Pamela and do some outdoor stuff once again. This time we went to Florence to ride the buggies on the sand dunes and then we drove down to Gold Beach to ride the speed boats up the Rogue River.
Here are some photos from my OREGON 2013 trip.

Later on that summer, in late July, Bruce came up from Newnan to hang out with me for a couple of days. We went to the World of Coke and a Braves game.
Here are some photos from Bruce's visit to Atlanta

Then, towards the end of August, Bruce and Lori and I all turn 51, so we got together for some cake and ice cream in Newnan. Here are some photos from my trip down to Newnan.

My next vacation came at the end of September, 2013. I surprised my niece Erin for her 27th birthday by showing up to hang out with her and her Wendel family. Thank you Diana for helping me plan everything and keep it a surprise for Erin!
I had a wonderful day at Niagara Falls the day after I arrived and finished up in time to meet up with Erin and her family at the bowling alley for their "bowling night". And, here's the awesome part, they needed another bowler, so they used me as a substitute. I hadn't bowled in MANY years but I did alright, averaged about 160!. Here are photos from my BUFFALO TRIP.

My hotel was honored to host our FOURTH Bistro 101/102 "Bistro Boot Camp" on 10/8/13.

The biggest event of the year, the biggest event of our Marriott careers came the following week on 10/15/13. Marriott began the Courtyard brand on 10/15/1983 at the first Courtyard, right down the street from my hotel actually. Ironically, that hotel and the land was bought by Northside Hospital in 2012 and the hotel was closed on 12/6/12. The hospital actually tore the building down in May of 2013. Around September, Marriott Corporation notified us (asked us really) if we would like to be the ONLY Courtyard hotel in the United States to host a 30th birthday party for Courtyard on the actual date of 10/15/13. The party would consist of 5 celebrations around the world. China, Boha, Berlin, Mexico City and Atlanta would host a part of the worldwide birthday party. David Marriott, COO and son of Bill Marriott and grandson of the founder would be the guest speaker at our hotel. It was quite the outstanding event for the Courtyard brand, the city of Atlanta, our hotel, our General Manager Jerry. Here are some photos from the CY Birthday Party

Photos from the remainder of 2013 will be posted on next year's letter around Thanksgiving, 2014.

Until we speak soon, I wish you and yours the most happiness and love this holiday season and please keep in touch. But to everyone, all the best and please write soon!